So where’s that game? Here’s that game.

Game prototype really. It’s still rough enough that I’m not putting a playable version up.

The weekend game jam didn’t really achieve the goal of kicking my ass into gear, but the problems this game poses are important enough for me to solve that I wasn’t going to leave it by the wayside. I’m still hacking at it.

The game is a simple Real Time Strategy game, the working title of which was Really Tiny Strategy, but I’m now calling it Whitespace. Working with colored shapes in a white void is a visual that I like.

The RTS is a relatively complicated game to make compared to the simple shooters I’ve put together in the past. Lots of layered complex behaviors. My goals for this project are in order:

  • Basic usable RTS user interface
  • Functional enemy AI
  • Multiplayer
  • Android deployment

At present the first two are working, though both could be refined a lot. My immediate tasks are code cleanup and core functionality fixing, as well as doing some visual design for the UI. My end goal is to have something I can put on my phone and proudly show to people if they ask me about this whole game development thing. Lots of work left ahead of me, but I didn’t want to leave the blog silent any longer.

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