Long story short, life has it’s ups, downs, and distractions. But while other things come and go, Atomic Space Navy is always on my radar as something I need to do. Most other game projects I start, while they are generally things I’m excited about in their own right, are things I view as exercises that might make ASN better in the long run.

In other words, any other projects I’ve blogged about in the distant past are pretty dead right now, but ASN isn’t. So, what’s happened with it? There’s a number of areas I’ve put time into but haven’t talked about yet. One of these days I may even release a Tools update with some of them.

  • GUI polish: I’ve gone through and reskinned the GUI, and adjusted the layout some to be neater. The default Unity skin looks pretty cheap, largely because it’s so widely used. the new skin is certain to get replaced again in the future, but it’s a nice step forward. I’ve also adjusted some of the drawing logic to be nicer looking.
  • CLI polish: For the console version, the command line interface has been moved over to a more standard library, which makes expansion easier and enforces consistency in the syntax going forward. It will mean a change from the existing syntax, though.
  • Stargen: Something I’ve wanted for a while is to be able to generate random star systems and test them for stability, then just turn it loose on something with a lot of processing power and come back in a few months to find a nifty pile of places to explore. I’ve made inroads to that, though it’s still a work in progress.
  • Testing: I’ve started implementing some automated testing of ASN’s codebase. It’s already shown some results, with missing functionality and quirky bugs popping out of the woodwork and being fixed. There’s a lot more left to test and fix, and it’s a surpisingly fun process.
  • Race Prototype: It’s a long way from something I’d put out to the public, but I have a limited prototype of the Atomic Space Race gameplay that I personally find playable and engaging. Lots of work to be done, but an encouraging step towards a movement interface.

I’m not going to promise more timely updates in the future, but each of those bullet points could have been it’s own blog post when it happened. I’ll be keeping an eye out for such opportunities in the future.

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