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What This Blog Is About To Be

From here on out this blog shall be the home of my various game development endeavors, chief among them Atomic Space Navy(ASN). The first early steps of ASN should be up for download soon enough. The blog might undergo some mutations as I finally have reason to try to wrangle WordPress into the shape I want, but that remains to be seen


What Is Atomic Space Navy

Atomic Space Navy is an in-development game about battle on a solar system scale. It discards as many standard space opera conventions and simplifications as it can get away with, while still striving to make a fun and playable game. Atomic Space Navy itself is still far from ready, even for an alpha build, but some of the steps towards it might be interesting to people on their own. The first such step is Orbit Toy, a program that will simulate and display orbital motion from a user defined start state. An early Orbit Toy release is coming soon, and the plan is to update Orbit Toy as ASN development continues to reflect improvements and updates to the main game. In this way, Orbit Toy will serve as a test-bed for ASN’s UI and systems.


What Happened To All The Old Posts?

Before now this blog had some other posts on it, including some prelim ASN art. I’m not especially satisfied with any of the content in those posts, so I’ve removed them from public view for now. Sorry.

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