Orbit Toy Release 0

The motion of Jupiter and its major moons (click to enlarge)

Orbit Toy is a program that allows you to simulate and view the interactions of celestial bodies over time, through both graphical and command-line interfaces. It began as proof-of-concept work for the Atomic Space Navy project, and will continue to advance along with it.

Orbit Toy can be considered pre-alpha work. It is not feature complete, and the features present have much room for improvement. But at this stage I consider it both usable and potentially useful, so I’m making it available for download. More detailed instructions can be found in the included readme file.

Please note that the command line version is absent from the OS-X version. This is due to my own lack of experience with the platform and current inability to test on it.

The motion of Saturn and it’s moon Titan. (click to enlarge)