January Game Update

Rebound has not entirely languished! I have had to cut down my plans some, but the core movement code has firmed up a lot since the initial prototype posted earlier. In fact, an updated prototype is available to be played at the same link as before(Here it is again)

The visuals are going to end up being quite simple. I’ve got what is probably close to final gradable surface art. Heres a screenshot of a level mockup including it with plenty of placeholder other stuff.Level1Prototype

I’ve decided that I won’t try to model, rig, and animate a human form this month. The player will be a bouncy ball, probably with some effects to indicate state. I’m also leaving my ideas of story by the wayside, and settling for just some pure gameplay.

Finally, I’m considering a new name. A game’s name should be somewhat searchable, if you stick it into google you shouldn’t get a wave of other info. Rebound has a fairly populated google result set. The chief alternative is Grab, Jump, Bounce, but I’m not super happy with it yet.

Ten days to go.

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