Fast Attack Progress Report

The goal of Fast Attack is to provide a sense of building speed. I now have a working prototype that hooks several systems into an adjustable acceleration curve, with plenty of room for extension. A playable prototype is embedded below the ‘continue reading’ link.

I like how the game is looking so far, though simple. I should have an minimum-acceptable-release version soon. Plenty of content and polish from there of course. Sound shouldn’t be a problem, but finding the right music for it will take some work. It is far, far closer to a game than Rebound was at this point, though it is a rather simpler game.

Arrow keys or A/D keys to move, spacebar to fire. For a better experience, right click on the game and go full-screen.

Note also that there is no way to win or lose, the game continues endlessly.

2 Responses to Fast Attack Progress Report

  1. I like your prototype. It’s simple and straightforward. The controls are feel good, and the mechanic of changing the camera’s position is also interesting. The only con I can think of is that there is a long delay between firing two shots, but that will probably be fixed in the complete version ;) Looking forward to the final game.

    • Thanks for your interest and encouragement! The player’s weapon is indeed going to get heavily tuned, and will probably accelerate along with the rest of the game.

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