Catching Up

There’s no real excusing the absence of activity here. Fast attack did get finished, you can play it on Kongregate at this link. I’ll be adding a local copy, but at present I don’t get paid in any way for traffic here, and in theory I do get paid for Kongregate traffic. At present that doesn’t amount to much, but as a general rule it seems wise to direct people there for now.

The march game didn’t happen. The April game also didn’t it on time, but something of it might see the light of day in may. A large part of these failures have been due to planning. A goal for may is to make more solid plans, in formalized format, for the games that I’d intended to make already. When I do so, I’ll post the documents here.

The good news is I have been learning. I’ve noticed some patterns to the tasks I have to do to make a game into a game, and I’ve figured out how to easily export Unity packages for re-use later. This will let me repeat myself less often in future games.

So, I’ve got a few more failures under my belt. All I can do is try again. Which is what I’ll do. Wish me luck.

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