Atomic Space Tools Version 1 Release

AST v1 Orbit Toy

As noted in the previous post, Orbit Toy and System Builder now come together, as Atomic Space Tools. This makes it a bit easier for me to make improvements to both at the same time, and makes swapping between designing and simulating a system a lot quicker.

AST v1 - System Builder

Besides the integration there haven’t been any huge new features, but there are a lot of usability and in some cases accuracy changes. Perhaps most notable is that before ‘phase angle'(true anomaly) in System Builder was incorrectly saved and loaded. That is now fixed.

I’ve also thrown in a few more exoplanet systems and a close but not quite completely accurate rendition of the solar system from the game

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To reiterate, the mac version lacks the console version OrbitToy, due to my inability to build and test for a mac.

Release 1:


  • Combined orbit toy and system builder into one project.
  • Corrected improper camera positioning in both programs.
  • Numerous changes to level files.
  • Lots of under the hood cleanup and reorganizing.
  • Added a visible scale reference to all current tools.
  • Adjusted line width and look to something a bit nicer.
  • Changed player settings to run in background.


  • Motion plots now scale to consistent screen sizes as the camera moves.
  • Added an indication of what system is currently being simulated.
  • Camera zoom is now adjusted to fit systems on load.
  • Level listings now scroll if there are enough levels to require it.


  • Corrected handling of phase angle(true anomaly). Twice.
  • Paths and labels are now hidden when the visual size of the orbit is very small to avoid clutter.
  • Duplicate body names will no longer be accepted.
  • Added the ability to update all edited values of a body in one click./li>
  • Added the ability to revert all unapplied changes to a body.
  • The camera now auto-focuses on the furthest-orbiting planet at load.
  • The tree view is automatic sorted by semi major axis whenever that is updated.
  • Tool now starts properly even if Sol system is absent.

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  1. This orbits simulator is very good! I regret not having control of the passage of time.

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