Atomic Space Navy

Atomic Space Navy is my chief ambition. It is a space war game that sacrifices as little rationality or reality as possible while still striving for fun and accessibility. Atomic Space Navy is also a very large ambition with a lot of work yet to be done. There are a few planned stepping stones towards it that serve to the build experience and expertise needed for it’s completion.

Atomic Space Race is a puzzle game of sorts, where the player maneuvers a single ship through an environment while trying to meet certain conditions, such as visiting specific planets or moons, or completing the goals inside a time or fuel limit. Atomic Space Race is currently in early prototyping.

Atomic Space Tools is a collection of related tools built from or for the Atomic Space Navy code-base. They exist primarily as technology demos or development aids, but those that are of potential use to people who aren’t me are available for download and updated as the code-base they are built on grows. Check the Atomic Space Tools page for downloads and details.

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