1GAM: January and February

I hearby declare my January failure in 1GAM. A declaration which itself is a bit late. This does not mean that I am done with 1GAM.

For me 1GAM is a challenge to my time management skills. Between the other things I want to do, and the things I must do, game development can languish. 1GAM forces me to face the fact that I can’t just put it off till tomorrow, because that doesn’t work. My failure this month does not surprise me, though it is a disappointment.

What now? I start work on my February game. Given that I am treating this as a time management challenge, it would be counterproductive to keep working on Rebound. I will start again and try to produce a game in a month. The very rough prototype of Rebound will have a place on this site until such time in the future as I see fit to revisit it, possibly even this year. But now, I move forward.

I’ve already started work on Fast Attack, a fairly simple top down shoot-em-up with the gimmick that the ship flies faster the longer you play. My goal is to create a sense of breakneck speed that I often find very fun in other games. More to come.

PS: When I rule the world, I’m renaming this month to Febuary.

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  1. Do you find that there are too many r’s in February? 😉

    Kudos for moving on, beginning anew. Breakneck speed might be needed for February, since it is such a short month!

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