1GAM, Jams, and me.

So I’ve been pretty bad at One Game A Month(1GAM). When I have had the focus and desire to work on game dev I’ve focused on Atomic Space Navy. I don’t really regret that, because ASN is important to me, but I still believe in the benefits of getting games done and out the door, and I think that ASN would be better for me having that experience.

Game jams are a pretty good way to get things done, with pressure and community. There are a few going on this weekend. For one reason or another, none of them really are clicking with me as something I want to participate in, but I still want to jam in general. So I will. Tonight after dinner I’ll mark the start of my own private challenge, 72 hours to get a new game playable and show-able. I’ll chronicle the progress on twitter @EatThePath and post the game and info about it here afterwards.

I’ve already got some ideas on what I want to achieve, and it should be fun!

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